YOU are 100 percent unique. 
You have a unique life mission 
that ONLY YOU can fulfill.
Do you know what it is?
How do you find out?

You're a smart, successful and ambitious girl. 
You've got goals you want to achieve.
There are places you want to see and things you want to do.

You have a unique gift to give the world. 

What were you born to do?

I'm taking a small group of girls though an intensive training to answer that question and set them on their unique paths to becoming the world-changers they were born to be. 

This is a limited-time invitation. 
Are you ready to
Wake Up and Change the World?

Here's the truth: 
You are more powerful than you can imagine.
All around you, the media, the schools, even your own families are telling you that you have to do more, achieve more, become more than you are today in order to succeed. They are wrong!

You have a unique life mission. Only you can achieve it. And, here's the best part-- all of the tools to achieve that mission are already inside you. You just have to uncover and develop them. 

Isn't that amazing?
You get it all!
Try it FREE for 14 days.
Imagine never feeling stressed about school again.
Imagine finally finding a path to success that is perfectly suited to YOUR skills and YOUR dreams.
Imagine yourself releasing every fear that is holding you back.

Unlimited Access to the Community

Join Michelle inside this EXCLUSIVE community for teen girls, where you will find answers, support and training for whatever you're facing.

$997 Value

Wake Up & Change the World
Life Strategy Course

Never before offered online, this EXCLUSIVE training takes girls step-by-step through the transformational process from stressed out to living from your life mission over the course of several weeks.

$997 Value

The THREE Most Important Truths Every Girl Needs to Know LIVE Training

Michelle's signature training that is requested by audiences again and again. You'll get FREE access for you and a FRIEND. Don't miss it! 

$597 Value

You get it all for just $29.99/month!

I'm Michelle A. Hansen.

I'm Michelle A. Hansen.

I'm on a mission to tell girls the TRUTH about high school achievement and college success, so you can go after your BIGGEST dreams without STRESS and ANXIETY.

As I recovering over-achiever, I know first hand what it's like to work yourself to exhaustion and STILL feel like it's not enough.

Then, I learned the secrets to being stress free, to succeeding on my own terms, and tapping into my divine identity to set a course for my success. The results were life-changing! 

I said to myself, "Think of what I could have achieved if someone would have taught me this stuff when I was in high school."  

I decided to share these secrets with every high school girl who would listen. I wrote Relax, Girl! You Got This to start you on this same journey of self-discovery that has given me so much happiness and peace. 

PLUS Interviews, Q&As, exclusive products & MORE!

Mind if we overdeliver? In addition to these amazing trainings, you will also get exclusive access to:
- Interviews with POWERFUL women who share their secrets with you
- Live Question & Answer sessions with Michelle
- Access to exclusive products, polls and inspiration
- First dibs on retreats, conferences & other LIVE in-person events
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