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Nearly EVERYTHING high school students are told about college admissions
is a lie.
You've heard this a million times from your teachers and parents:

*Go to school.
*Get good grades.
*Take honors and AP classes.
*Score high on the SAT and ACT.

These are the things you MUST do to get into college. Not only that, but you've got to pass state competency tests, complete senior projects, PROVE at every turn that you've learned enough, that you're good enough to succeed. You're over-tested and under-valued, and mostly, you're exhausted all the time. Plus, you feel on a deep subconscious level that no matter what you do, it's never good enough. 

This is the culture of ACHIEVEMENT ADDICTION, and it's taking a toll on TEENS across the United States. Parents buy into this culture and push you to take harder classes so you'll be more competitive in the college admissions game. Teachers and counselors push you to succeed on tests because it makes THEM look more successful as educators. 

They sell FEAR OF FAILURE as the motivator for student achievement, making you feel like even though you're doing your best, you're being left behind--like your best will never be good enough. 

High school students are feeling more STRESSED and ANXIOUS than ever. College admissions, harder classes and more content being covered in class create MORE STRESS and LESS AUTHENTIC LEARNING.
Students believe they HAVE to take hard classes and complete more work or they won't get into college. 

Suicide rates among teens and college-aged young adults are sky-rocketing. Antidepressants and antianxiety medications are being prescribed at alarming rates. Yet, students don't FEEL BETTER. 

Schools use fear tactics to get students to achieve more, which benefits the SCHOOL, not the STUDENT. This achievement addiction culture undermines students' success because it creates the belief that no matter how much students achieve, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH. 

With this toxic achievement addiction culture, students trade the hamster wheel of high school for a bigger and more stressful hamster wheel in college, always believing happiness is over the next horizon, but they can't ever seem to get there. 
This culture is TOXIC for teens.
What is the result? 
STRESS is the number one emotion teens report feeling on a daily basis. 
ANXIETY plagues thousands of teens each year.
SUICIDE RATES among teens and young adults are staggering. 
Once in those classes, students are made to believe if they cannot learn the material perfectly and easily, they will fail, and all their future plans will be derailed.

The result is that students are showing up to college knowing LESS than they did a decade ago. High school students are stuck in a cycle of memorize, test, forget, memorize, test, forget. More homework and more demanding sports and activity schedules mean teens get less sleep and have less time for fun with their friends. 

Parents and counselors try to treat this with coping strategies and prescription drugs, but that doesn't heal the ROOT of the PROBLEM. 
Achieving more and learning to cope with stress will 
not give you lasting happiness. 
Imagine never feeling stressed about school again.

Imagine finally finding a path to success that is perfectly suited to YOUR skills and YOUR dreams.

Imagine yourself releasing every fear that is holding you back.
I know how you feel. 
I believed all the fear-inducing things people told me about success. 
I took the hard classes. I earned the As. I got a scholarship to college, and I graduated with honors. Six years after college I was working fulltime, and I couldn't even afford health insurance. 
I told myself I was just paying my dues. Things would get better. Then I went to a little high school reunion of sorts. Here were dozens of people who had NEVER TAKEN AN HONORS CLASS and NEVER TAKEN AN AP TEST. Yet, they got into college. Worse, most of them MADE MORE MONEY THAN ME!

I felt like I'd been lied to my entire life. All the things they told me in school about success were simply not true. 

The tipping point came while I was working on a nonfiction article about college admissions. I sat down with an admissions counselor at a four-year university. I was going to get the scoop on college admissions. That's when he told me that this school had rolling admission, which meant that ANY student who met their minimum requirements was automatically admitted. HE SAID HUNDREDS OF SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY WERE GOING TO THIS MODEL. 


You don't need honors classes? Nope.
You don't need AP tests? No.
You don't need a 1400 on your SAT? Ha. Only if you want to attend an elite school.

But here's the thing high school counselors NEVER tell you-- it doesn't matter WHERE you get your degree from. (Is your head exploding yet?)

I'm Michelle A. Hansen.
I'm on a mission to tell girls the TRUTH about high school achievement and college success, so you can go after your BIGGEST dreams without STRESS and ANXIETY.

As I recovering over-achiever, I know first hand what it's like to work yourself to exhaustion and STILL feel like it's not enough.

Then, I learned the secrets to being stress free, to succeeding on my own terms, and tapping into my divine identity to set a course for my success. The results were life-changing! 

I said to myself, "Think of what I could have achieved if someone would have taught me this stuff when I was in high school."  

I decided to share these secrets with every high school girl who would listen. I wrote Relax, Girl! You Got This to start you on this same journey of self-discovery that has given me so much happiness and peace. 
Imagine how you will feel when...
You wake up every morning and think, "I LOVE MY LIFE!"

You walk confidently into any test and know that your best is always enough.

You no longer care about likes or comments on social media because those things have no power to define you. 

The path to your big dreams is no longer dependent upon some stranger in an admissions office, but is entirely under your control and you are ROCKING IT.

Living a completely stress-free life is easier than you think.
I show you how in my book Relax, Girl! You Got This.
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Today is the day you stop letting STRESS and ANXIETY steal your joy! Today you can learn the TRUTH about achievement addiction and the toxic culture it creates for teens. 
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The most important benefit of what I teach you in Relax, Girl! You Got This is that you can FINALLY be 100 percent in control of your life and your happiness. Stress and anxiety will no longer steal your joys. Test and grades will no longer define you. 

You are in charge of your happiness, and now you have a CLEAR PATH to joy every day 24/7.  

This knowledge is PRICELESS, so take advantage of this opportunity!


Michelle A. Hansen
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